Sweat Coin Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 09/24/2019

Sweat Coin is built on the objective of having healthier people on a healthier planet. This is definitely one of the most interesting methods of earning some extra cash. Sweat Coin is pretty straight forward; they convert your steps into a currency that you can spend on anything you would like to buy. Sweat Coin will soon be a universally accepted form of payment. Walk, Earn, Spend and Repeat. It pays to walk. Sweat Coin is available on both Apple and Android platforms. Download the Sweat Coin app today and start getting paid for taking steps.

Tips for earning money with Sweat Coin

  1. Take your phones cover off
  2. Turn off battery saver
  3. Do not walk close to tall buildings
  4. Put your phone inside your pocket
Sweat Coin
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Allowed Countries


Minimum Age

13 years

Multi Accounts Allowed


Scripts Allowed


Minimum Payout


Payout Options

PayPal , Gift Cards

Gift Card Options

Amazon, Steam, iTunes

Referral bonus

Users earn $1 (50 sweat coins) per referral

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