Respondent Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 07/27/2020

Respondent is a website or an online marketplace that recruits individuals for a high paying microtasks and in-person studies for the researchers and brands that are conducting projects. They serve as a platform for both researchers and respondents that want to share their opinion and views about the products that they use every day. Their members or respondents can make money by completing surveys, join a paid research study, participate in one on one interviews, and in-person studies. Before their members or respondents gets to pick in market research, they will need to answer a qualifying survey that the researchers will check, and only the researchers can choose who can join their in-person studies and not us. Their members can get the amount listed on the project via Paypal; the researcher will mark it as paid if they have sent the payments unto their Paypal account. If you don't show up in your studies, then you won't get paid, and maybe you will get also ignored because you waste the time of the researcher. Their members can also make more money by referring a friend or family to this website, and they can get at least $75 per successful referral. Only users aged 18 years old and from the USA and also International countries as well.

Tips for earning money with Respondent

  1. Choose the highest rewards or payout, but it will also take 1 to 2 hours of your time.
  2. Make sure you complete your profile so that you can get as many projects as possible.
  3. Refer to your friends and family, so you can get $75 once they participated and get paid.
  4. Make sure you complete every screener survey because they will check if you qualify for a project.

Allowed Countries

USA, International

Minimum Age

18 years

Multi Accounts Allowed


Scripts Allowed


Payout Options


Referral bonus

Once you referred a friend and they participated and got paid, you will get paid for your referral bonus. Our average referral bonus is at least $75 and paid to you via PayPal.

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