Pei Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 09/24/2019

Pei is a downloadable app and is probably one of the best cash back apps available today. Pei is designed to allow you to save money passively. Pei is available on both Apple and Android platforms. In order to start using Pei you need to download the app and link the credit card(s) you use for your daily purchases; Pei will start releasing you automatic cash backs. What makes Pei even more fantastic is they offer a $15 bonus for signing up and they offer a $15 bonus for making a referral. Download and setup Pei, claim your $15 bonus and start getting automatic cash backs today!

Tips for earning money with Pei

  1. Hold on to your Pei Points instead of redeeming them right away. This allows you to earn deeper discounts
  2. Unlocking “Anywhere” cash backs allows you to earn rebates on all purchases at non-partner stores
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Allowed Countries

United States

Minimum Age

18 years

Multi Accounts Allowed


Scripts Allowed


Minimum Payout


Payout Options


New user bonus

New users get a $5 bonus upon successfully downloading and installing PEI

Referral bonus

Pei offers users $5 per referral.

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