Neevo Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 08/05/2020

Neevo is an international community that helps companies and brands to improve their Artificial Intelligence or AI technology by the use of its members. Their members will help to create a smart VA, realistic videos, also self-driving cars, and many more. Their goal is to improve the Artificial Intelligence technology that will help the future of many companies. This website is like crowdsourcing; it means that they are enlisting services of a large number of people to complete tasks. Some of the jobs that their members participate in are like draw bounding boxes on the image, identify items, people, and places in the text, and transcribing recorded audio. Every task has different kinds of payments because sometimes it is easy, and sometimes they are complicated, but their members can earn up to $10 - $15 per hour. Their members can get paid via Paypal transfer, and they can get it on the next payout weeks.

Tips for earning money with Neevo

  1. Make sure you pass the qualification test to help them make sure that you get matched to jobs that are the right fit for your skillset.
  2. You need to have a verified Paypal account to cash out your money.
  3. Add more language that you know so you can get more tasks or jobs in many languages.
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Allowed Countries


Minimum Age

18 years

Multi Accounts Allowed


Scripts Allowed


Minimum Payout


Payout Options


Tasks & ways to earn money

Micro Tasks Miscellaneous Passive Income

Referral bonus


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