Honeygain Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 03/23/2020

Honey Gain is a passive earning opportunity, the website offers a program for Windows and macOS or an app for Android and iOS to share your unused internet bandwidth to data scientists and earning money in return. With a spare phone, you can run the app pretty much all the time on your wifi connection in the background, giving you the chance to earn passive $20-30. For each network you can run up to three devices to increase your possible earnings. You can request a payout every time you reach a minimum of $20 to your PayPal account. 

Is Honey Gain Scam or Legit? 

Honey Gain is not a scam - on TrustPilot a website for independent reviews of websites, users rated Honey Gain as "Excellent" with 19 Reviews. Reviews read the pay on time and overall users a happy with the service. Overall Honey Gain has positive feedback across the internet.

How does Honey Gain work? 

You install the Windows or Android Application on as many devices as you like, you can run up to three devices with the same IP or network. The Honey Gain application runs in the background and consumes a little bit of your internet bandwidth which is sold on demand to data research and companies buying the bandwidth. You get paid per GB (GigaByte) of bandwidth you sell and once you reach a minimum of $20 you can request a payout to your PayPal account. 

How is my Internet Connection used?

We looked at the traffic and did not find any spam or illegal actions going on. The bandwidth you sell is used for the research of prices, as based on your location and network you can get different offers by online retailers. 

This way companies can determine an average price and certain prices per country for example for price comparison websites. Other actions are accessing information from websites like Wikipedia and News websites. Overall Honey Gain

seems to do no questionable actions with your sold bandwidth. Honey Gain is pretty open and clear about for what they use the bandwidth of your internet connection - you can read more details on their FAQ. 

Will Honey Gain slow down my computer or Phone?

The app only uses up to 10% of your available network. You won't feel a difference in performance on your computer, phone or internet speed. You can always turn the app off and it will not run anymore in the background and use any bandwidth or

battery life. Speaking of battery life the app does not consume any remarkable more battery life but when leaving the home you should turn the app off nevertheless. Mobile bandwidth of your phone is only used if you allow it in the app settings, by default the app only uses bandwidth in the background when you are connected with a Wifi network. 

Can I really earn passive income? 

Short and simple - yes! If you are able to run Honey Gain on a spare phone or a computer which runs most of the time per day and weel anyways you can earn some truly passive extra money with Honey Gain. You can make use of the referral system which pays 10% of the earnings of your referrals to you extra. 

How much can I earn with Honey Gain?

You earn $1 per 10GB you sell with Honey Gain, in our tests on average you can make $0.5-1 per day with Honey Gain, the earnings may vary on different factors like your internet connection speed, the demand for the bandwidth of your country and possibly other things. Honey Gain offers for internet connections in high demand and availability up to $1 per 10GB. 

How can I earn the most with Honey Gain?

They allow running as many devices you like, but you are only able to use three devices per IP or network, if possible you should use multiple internet connections and devices. 

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