GrindaBuck Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 12/07/2019

It is a known fact that Reward sites are an immensely prominent source of getting cash online. The reason for which these sites have gained such prominence lies in the fact that they promise to pay users for the simple tasks of just being online. They complete simple and enjoyable tasks and in return, these reward sites pay them in cash or other forms of rewards be it gift cards, deals, etc. The fact that their number has increased tenfold as a result of this popularity is proof of their effectiveness. There is a veritable galaxy of these sites available on the internet. Before you think about joining up with one of these sites, it’s important that you first learn more about them and their methods of working.

GrindaBuck is one such site and it is here that avid fans of "Get Paid to" (GPT) Sites can find various chances for earning rewards and cash online. GrindaBuck offers users the chance to earn cash and rewards online by completing surveys, doing offers, shopping, playing games and much more. There are literally hundreds of GPTs online but this site has much to offer to those that are willing to put in the effort and time. That is because the rewards are decent and the payoff gladdening when it comes to GrindaBuck.

What is GrindaBuck?

GrindaBuck is a GPT or Get Paid to site. It is one of many such sites that are currently in function on the internet and affords its users the opportunity to get money and rewards online. All they would have to do is indulge in and complete a series of tasks and be paid for doing it. GrindaBuck is a site that has attained palpably enormous popularity and managed to do so in a comparatively short period of time. This site is a bit exclusive as such that only those that are or above 18 years of age can register on GrindaBuck. All you would then have to do is go through the usual registration process on the site and complete signing up.

GrindaBuck is a site that is easily accessible from any browser or internet surfer installed on one’s PC. However, one can also use it on mobile as well. In fact, it is better if users engage this site on their mobiles as one can complete some offers only on this platform. GrindaBuck is an amazing site and possibly one of the best GPTs currently operational and that is why the number of users using it is increasing day by day.

Is GrindaBuck Legit

Yes, GrindaBuck is a legit site. It is one of the most trusted of GPTs online and has very little complaints to its name. The staff is helpful and the servers are secure. You can be sure that once you complete an offer on GrindaBuck, you will be paid immediately. The site has been tapped and utilized by a myriad of satisfied customers/users who have voiced their authentication of the site’s legitimacy through their positive reviews. The offers and tasks available on GrindaBuck are verified and backed by authentic advertisers and sponsors. So, if you are worried about GrindaBuck being legitimate or not, then don’t be as it is totally the real deal.

Is GrindaBuck Safe

When you log onto GrindaBuck, you can put your mind at ease. This is a site that imparts much emphasis upon the prospect of security and safeguarding the information of its clientele. GrindaBuck has got some of the most dedicated and ambitious staff when it comes to security maintenance. They ensure that the information and personal data that their users share on the site is protected from theft or criminal divulgence. So, if you experience trepidation pertaining to GrindaBuck’s server security and confidentiality maintenance, then rest assured that this site will do everything in its power to effectually dispel your fears.

How GrindaBuck Works

GrindaBuck works in a straightforward and normal method as is the characteristic of all GPT sites. For every task and offer that a user completes on the site, he or she is awarded the virtual currency of the site called Grindabucks. This is a GPT site, meaning that you get paid to do stuff. This stuff includes offers, surveys, playing games, quiz taking and much more. In exchange for this, users will receive rewards. To get these rewards, first users receive Grindabucks, the currency of the site. You can then exchange these bucks for actual cash, gift cards and, other rewards. So, it is quite similar to the other GPT sites that are currently available on the web.

Tips for Earning Big on GrindaBuck

There are certain ways through which users can gain greater and on an even better level on GrindaBuck. What are these methods you ask? Well, allow us to enlighten you. Below are mentioned the means through which you can earn big on this site:

  • Completing Surveys 
    A mainstay feature of almost all GPT sites, Surveys are perhaps one of the most effective and easiest ways of gaining cash on GrindaBucks. All you need to do in order to be eligible for doing surveys on GrindaBuck is to register on the site. Once you have signed up, you will be able to log into the site. Once you are on the site, you can go to the “surveys” section and find one that appeals to you. When you start filling out a survey, the first thing that it asks you is several questions about yourself.

    When you have answered these questions, the site will then cross-check these answers against the requirements for the demographics for which the survey is intended. If your answers are in accordance with the requirements of the demographic, then you will be able to move onto the actual survey. Then, once you have completed the survey, the promised reward will be deposited in your GrindaBuck account in the form of Grindabucks. Also, if in any case, you don’t manage to qualify for one survey, then no problem; just move onto the next survey in the list.
  • Paid Offers 
    Another common feature of almost all GPT sites is the Paid offers wall. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this concept, a Paid offer is basically a simple task that one needs to complete. Upon the completion of this task, you receive a reward. You can access the Paid offers on GindaBuck through the main offer wall on the website or even through the exclusive offers section. The offers available on the wall are usually sponsored by different websites and it is entirely possible for users to be redirected to a new site in order to complete these tasks. This is the normal way in which all offer walls operate. In these offers, users get the tasks of answering questions in quizzes, signing up on a website, playing some games and much more.

    Prior to starting on one of these offers, users should make certain that they meet all the prerequisites for earning the reward at the completion of these tasks. All tasks have differing instructions associated with them so it’s better to go over them before attempting any of these tasks. By selecting the right task, you can earn a better rate on GrindBucks.
  • Videos 
    On GrindBucks, users can even earn money if they consent to watch Videos. It’s quite simple actually, all you need to do is watch a video on the site and once you have watched it, you will be liable to receive a reward. As most of these videos are 20 seconds in duration, you won’t be spending a lot of time and will still be earning well. However, the rewards that you receive in exchange for video watching is less than the one you might receive for completing an offer or survey. So, only go for this option if you find the videos fascinating, which most of the time they are, or if you have spare time to kill. Otherwise, go for the surveys and offers options if you want to earn rewards that are more elevated in value.
  • App downloading 
    GrindBuck gives its users the option to earn rewards through downloading of apps as well. While it is part of the standard offer wall portion of the site, there is a condition. Remember when we said that some offers require the user to use a mobile phone? Well, this is it. That is because, in order to earn rewards by downloading apps, users should use their mobile phones. Still, there are some conditions that you need to fulfill to be eligible for the reward in this category. However, usually, the conditions aren’t too stringent.
  • Referral Program 
    This is a great way to earn big on GrindaBuck with little effort and in little time. All you need to do is send your friends, colleagues, peers and family members’ invitations for joining up on GrindaBuck. If they choose to accept your invitation and sign up with the site. Then you will be eligible to receive 10% of the earnings that your referrals make as commission. This is an excellent channel for boosting your point figure on GrindaBuck. Also, it doesn’t require much in the way of effort or time.
  • Monthly Bonus 
    Meet certain requirements and you too will be able to take benefit of this excellent feature. If you complete 50 offers and accrue 5000 points. Then you get a place in the Bronze category of the monthly bonus. For this, you will receive 100 Grindabucks in the first month. It will culminate in 2% of your monthly points in the upcoming months. In the bronze category, one must complete 100 offers and accumulate 10000 points. In return, users get 300 Grindabucks for 1st month and 4% of monthly earnings for the coming months. Lastly, for the Gold category, users must complete 200 offers, get 20000 points and in return. They will receive 500 Grindabucks for the first month and 6% of monthly points for the successive months. All the users need to do is invest the time and they will be rewarded handsomely for their effort.

How to get paid on GrindaBucks

By completing tasks on GrindBucks, you get your payment in a virtual currency called Grindbucks. This is the currency that you can exchange for real-life cash and rewards on GrindaBucks. For instance, you can withdraw $1 USD from GrindaBuck for every 100 Grindabucks you earn through offers/deals.

There are basically three modes through which you can request payment from GrindaBucks. You can exchange the virtual currency of the site for gift cards as well. There isn’t a diverse or extensive list of gift cards available on the site. However, they still have Amazon Gift cards. This is great because Amazon Gift cards are the most favored of cards on GPT sites at present.

  • PayPal 
    Users can request payment from GrindaBucks through their PayPal account. Still, there is a bit of a play involved here. Users will have to pay a nominal processing fee for withdrawing their cash/rewards. For example, if you wanted to withdraw $10 from GrindaBucks, you would need 1025 Grindabukcs instead of 1000. That is because the additional 25 Grindabucks are used up as processing fee.

    If you want to earn better on GrindaBucks then you will have to put in the time and exertion. It is like an unwritten law of GPT sites that the more offers you complete; the more you end up earning. The best thing about GrindaBuck is that with its versatile and diverse range of offers and tasks. It greatly incentivizes users for staying on the site.
  • Bitcoin
    You can also avail of the option of withdrawing through Bitcoin account as well. However, despite the condition of the 25 bucks processing fee, the option of PayPal is the more secure, convenient and faster one.
  • VIP Program 
    The site offers a VIP program for its users and it comes with much appeal and incentive. This VIP Program allows users to access more and more advantages as they advance in the program. The default level of the VIP Program is Level 1. Everyone starts at this level. The main difference in levels is the threshold for payout. At level 1, users can withdraw after attaining a total earning figure of $10. But on level 2 of the VIP program, users can withdraw after attaining a threshold of $5. This further reduces when you reach upper levels of the VIP program as here the threshold reduces to $1 only.

    The means for increasing your VIP level is to simply stay on the site. Put in the time, earn more and more Grindabucks and hence climb up the ladder even further. So, this indicates the fact that GrindaBuck incentivizes and provides ample impetus to users for staying on the site.

GrindaBuck Pros and Cons:

The Pros and Cons of GrindaBuck can be enumerated as follows:


  • The method of payment on Grindabuck is pretty convenient and easy. You can get your payment swiftly and securely through your PayPal account.
  • The VIP Program evinced by this site is unique and simply incentivizing. It compels users to stay on the site. Also, put in more time and effort for the promise of greater rewards.


  • The earning potential is low as is characteristic of a GPT site. You can’t hope to make a living solely out of the funds that you garner on this site.
  • GrindaBuck is limited to only 5 countries and doesn’t operate in any other country, which is kind of a drag.
  • The FAQ section of this site is severely lacking and is insufficient for soundly answering the queries of users.

Allowed Countries

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia

Minimum Age

18 years

Multi Accounts Allowed


Scripts Allowed


Minimum Payout


Payout Options

PayPal , Gift Cards , Cryptocurrency

Gift Card Options


New user bonus

100 Free Grindabacks ($1 Value)

Referral bonus

Earn 10% of the GrindaBucks your referrals earn

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