GG2U Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 12/07/2019

GPT sites are every nowadays it seems and their popularity is really increasing with each passing day. These sites hold special significance for those users who are avid gamers as well and are looking for a meaningful and attractive option for earning cash online in an easy and convenient manner. If you are one of these users and are interested in the genre of Get Paid To (GPT) sites, then it’s a fair assumption that you might have heard of GG2U.

This is one of the more popular and widely acknowledged of GPTs currently operational on the internet and promise to pay users big if they perform certain activities on this site. These include surveys, games and many other activities. This site is hailed by many as being legit and authentic unlike the myriad of others that scam and fool users. So, if you are interested in learning more about GG2U and what it entails then you are in luck. This in-depth review is here in order to gauge the intricacies and details pertaining to GG2U and hopefully, satisfy any queries that users might have regarding the aforementioned site. So, let’s dive in shall we:

What is GG2U?

GG2U is a Get paid To, or GPT, site that provides its users a chance to earn cash through attempting and completion of various tasks and offers. Despite being a relatively new addition to the category, GG2U has gained much eminence and praise from numerous users. Anyone can join up and register on GG2U as it’s free and doesn’t require any fee either. If a user is below 18 years of age then he or she will have to solicit permission from a guardian before joining in the fun, but if he or she is 18 or above then there are no attached strings pertaining to consent from an elder/guardian.

The best part about GG2U is that not only can users log onto it on their PCs and relevant browsers, but can also use on the Mobile platform as well. There is an app available in relation to the site and this app offers all the features and goodness that GG2U has to offer its users. The level of optimization that GG2U contains in regards to Mobile platform functionality is stellar and that is why GG2U is amongst one of the most prolific and used of GPTs on the mobile platform.

Is GG2U Legit?

GG2U is a legit site indeed. The fact that it wants its users who are below 18 years of age to seek approval before joining is a correct step towards authentication of this fact. Also, the myriad of users who have given glowing and scintillatingly reinforcing reviews in favor of this site are proof regarding this site’s authenticity. The site has played patron to thousands of users till now and possesses many a large number of satisfied users to its name. The internet is full of glowing reviews by GPT reviewers as well who give this site a huge thumbs up. So it can be inferred that GG2U is a legit GPT site indeed.

Is GG2U Safe

Yes GG2U is a totally safe site. Once you sign up on this site or register for partaking in a survey or other earning activity then you can do so without any trepidation over the loss of information or a security breach. The reason for this lies in the fact that GG2U has expended much effort towards safeguarding and fool proofing the integrity of its servers. The personal information that you share is safe on GG2U and their staff ensures that it remains so through constant vigilance and diligent safeguarding of the site’s security.

How GG2U Operates

GG2U is a GPT site that literally can be translated as “Good Game To You”. As is apparent from the name, this is a site that offers enjoyable games and other activities to users with the promise of receiving rewards for completing them. On this site, users can sign up for free and don’t have to spring for any additional fee for registration or sign up. Also, once you sign up you can fill out surveys, play games, complete offers, etc. Even by simply viewing videos from advertisers on one’s mobile or PC browser, one can become eligible for point accruement.

The coins that you earn on the site are the currency of GG2U. You can then cash out these coins for real money which transfers to the Bitcoin Wallet or PayPal account of users. In order to register on GG2U, a user must be 18 years of age or if he or she is 13 to 17 years of age, then solicitation of authorization must be attained from a parent or guardian.

Tips for Earning big on GG2U

There are numerous methods through which users can gain points and eventually money from GG2U. These methods can be elucidated in detail in the following manner:

  1. Offer Walls option 
    The first method for earning points on GG2U is Offer Walls. This is actually a common feature of various sites of the GPT sort. It is actually kind of like a notice board that displays all the offers that users can complete on the site. You can view these offers on the options wall immediately after you finish signing up on GG2U. The number of offers on this wall is pretty big so you can bet that there is plenty for everyone here and you can find an offer that appeals to your liking quite easily.

    This is actually fortuitous as it means that a user can earn plenty on GG2U. The offers that you find on GG2U usually involve tasks. Like filling out a survey, signing up for free on a website, downloading a free app. Also, playing a game, taking a quiz and many other fun-filled tasks as well. The thing is there are oodles of tasks and offers available on the Offer Wall of GG2U and all you need to do is go ahead and find one that matches your preference so that you can start earning without delay.  
  2. Referral program 
    There is another way to earn on GG2U. In order to do this, you can invite your friends, family, and peers to sign up on GG2U. This way, you will be eligible for receiving a modest, yet adequate, percentage of the earnings that these referrals make on the site. There are actually two ways through which you can refer and bring people to the site.

    The first method of doing so is the traditional and more common one. In which you send a referral link to the person concerned. Then he or she can click on it to redirect to GG2U. Once they have signed up through your referral link, they will be registered on the site as your referral case. This, in turn, will afford you 5% of the cash that they, your referrals, cash out on GG2U. Of course, the brunt of this extra commission, in cash or gift form type, will be borne by GG2U.

    The second method for inviting people over to this GPT is by converting your video links, on YouTube or Facebook for instance, into a URL of When you send this link to a potential referral, then he or she will be notified that the video being watched is sponsored by GG2u. If they choose to accept the invitation to join up on GG2U through your video invitation. Then they will become your referral. Thereby making you eligible for reaping the rewards mentioned in the method above. These Referral methods are one way to earn coins fast on GG2U. However, we advise that users stick with the normal/common method for attracting peers towards GG2U. As the second video-based method can sometimes result in irritable and disconcerted friends, colleagues and relatives.
  3. Resources and Deals 
    While not an earning opportunity in the traditional and more conventional sense, this method can still be perceived as residing in the realm of a rewarding system. That’s because instead of cash or points you get some pretty nifty deals and rewards through this method. The reason for us saying that this site is especially great for gamers is the many tempting offers that this site evinces for such enthusiasts. The many deals that one can find on the Resources and Deals section on GG2U are inclined towards the benefit of gamers. These deals pertain to many game discounts, free steam keys, and many other bargains as well. All you need to do is check out the Resources and Deals section on this site regularly. And gain big from the excellent deals that it entails.

How to Get Paid on GG2U

GG2U is quite straightforward in regards to operations and functions pertaining to cashback and payment. You need to be at least 13 years of age to sign up on GG2U. Even then you will require explicit permission from your Guardian or Parent. Those users that are of 18 years of age or beyond need not follow such conditions. When you complete offers on GG2U, you earn coins which is the equivalent of currency on GG2U. After you have acquired about 100 coins on this site, you become eligible to receive $1 USD. If you gain 700 coins, or $7 USD, then you can request a withdrawal of said cash from GG2U.

  • PayPal 
    In order to receive your payment, users will have to set up a PayPal account and link said account to the site in question. In lieu of PayPal, users can also withdraw their earnings through Bitcoin at Coinbase as well. However, we recommend that users do so through their PayPal account. As withdrawal through any other means will entail a processing fee of 3% on the total amount. So, if you want to avoid any undue or unwanted deduction on your winnings from GG2U. You would do well to use PayPal as your preferred method of Cash reception.
  • E-Gift Cards 
    It is also possible for users to receive e-gift cards in lieu of cash. Users can receive Steam Wallet codes or a prepaid card sponsored by Visa.
  • Golden Ticket 
    Users that manage to make 5 withdrawals from GG2U become eligible for a golden ticket. You can then utilize the golden ticket for spinning GG2U’s Golden Prize Wheel. The latter allows users to gain funds amounting to an additional $7 in their account balance. This is an adjunct payment option for those users who are lucky enough. So, when you do receive such a golden ticket, do give the golden prize wheel a go, you just might get lucky.

Like all GPT websites, the amount of money that one can make is directly predicated upon the level of effort and time that one spends on these sites. The same is true for GG2U and users can end up earning a decent amount of cash. Especially, if they are active and dedicated on a regular basis. GG2U makes payments extremely quickly and this has been attested by numerous users of the site. The earning potential in continued usage of GG2U is tremendous and the payout can be very much satisfying. 

GG2U Pro and Cons 

GG2U, like all things in life, comes with its own share of Pros and Cons. We can elaborate these as follows:


  • The earning chances and potential for profit are pretty much profound on GG2U. Compared to other GPTs, the cash-back and profit range is very much attractive and greater in value.
  • The payment system evinced by GG2U is amongst the most convenient and facilitating ones currently available in GPTs. Users can me withdrawals that are immediate and swift and the rewards system is very much tempting indeed.
  • The payout threshold featured by GG2U is very low. Unlike some GPT websites,     this site allows users to make withdrawals for a low coin acquisition level of 700 coins or $7 dollars. 
  • It has got a nifty mobile app for those users who prefer to engage in their GPT     activities. Either on the go or through the comfortable channel of their mobile phones.


  • One drawback when it comes to GG2U is the presence of lower, or rather limited, number of earning chances available. This number is quite lower when you compare it to other GPT sites.
  • The number and variety of Gift Cards available on this site aren’t that wide or diverse. This is a huge turn off for many a number of GPT users.
  • The Referral program, while innovative, is still lacking in many areas.     For one, the method of converting videos into referral links of the     site can culminate in disgruntled contacts. Also, the commission rate for bringing a referral to the site is lower in comparison to other GPT sites.


Therefore, we can conclude that despite having its share of flaws and cons, GG2U is still an excellent GPT site. Also, it offers its users the chance to win big by completing simple and enjoyable tasks. The payout is decent and swift. Hence, you don’t have to wait for the delivery of your earnings for extended periods of time. Also, if you put in the time and remain steadfast. Then you will undoubtedly earn greatly from this prolific and effectual GPT site.


Allowed Countries


Minimum Age

13 years

Multi Accounts Allowed


Scripts Allowed


Minimum Payout


Payout Options

PayPal , Gift Cards , Prepaid Credit Card , Cryptocurrency

Gift Card Options

Amazon, iTunes, Google Play

Tasks & ways to earn money

Play Games Survey & Polls Watch Videos

New user bonus

$1 New User Bonus

Referral bonus

5% of your referrals payout every time

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