Gain.GG Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 12/13/2019

There are times when one comes across websites that promise to pay the user in cash and money through simple completion of Tasks. However, there are numerous strings attached to the concept as many of these sites force you to sign up and once you are ready to go, you learn that the whole thing was nothing more than just a farce. The absurdity of these sites often leaves one with a bad taste in his/her mouth and they give up on such schemes altogether. But we are here to tell you that not all sites are like this at all. There are many sites that offer genuine chances for winning big, simply through the act of completing some minor and easy tasks. GAIN.GG is one such site, and we are here to put your apprehensions at ease with our in-depth review of the latter. So, if you want to earn modest, yet respectable, amount of money in the time that you spend browsing the internet, then we highly suggest you read on.

What is GAIN.GG?

GAIN.GG is a site that is simple and straightforward. It was created in the year 2018 and despite being relatively new has gained much following in this short time. It is a Get Paid To (GPT) site that people can access to earn money and they can do so by completing some easy tasks. These tasks include a variety of different activities like filling out surveys, watching some videos, downloading certain apps and much more as well. GAIN.GG gets 64573 visitors daily and up till now, 723072 tasks have been attempted and completed on this site and this number just keeps on increasing with each passing minute. This is truly a tangible indicator of the immense popularity that this site has gained in its small lifetime. But still, it is indeed marvelous to behold. 

Is GAIN.GG Authentic?

GAIN.GG is a legit and authentic site and the fact that it evinces plenty of legitimate users who have earned more than $30,781 or 30,781,416 coins on it is proof enough for this fact. This is a trusted website and caters to the needs of its users in a genuine and transparent manner. You need to remember this; GAIN.GG is a GPT site and if you commit and unsavory or illicit action, then it will ban you. This site is the list of numerous fastest-growing GPT sites on the web lists and with its fast delivery of payments, responsive servers, and interesting tasks; it seems that it will remain in the game for a long time. So, users can go on using this site without any fear of legitimacy.

GAIN.GG and Safety

When you visit GAIN.GG, then rest assured that you are in safe hands. The servers of the site are amongst some of the most secure ones on the web and there is literally no sacrificing on the security of the users’ account information. Whenever you fill out a survey or partake in a poll on GAIN.GG, the entailing details are secured on the site’s servers. Any personal information that users share is used only for the purpose of research in marketing and nothing else. Users can still opt for procedures that don’t solicit personal information. In short, visiting and indulging in activities on GAIN.GG is completely safe and secure. 

How GAIN.GG Works

There really is nothing too intricate or convoluted in regard to the mechanism of GAIN.GG. GAIN.GG is a GPT site and on it, you need to earn coins. These coins can be earned through completion of tasks and can’t be purchased with real money. These coins are the virtual currency of the site you can use these coins to earn gifts. 1000 coins on GAIN.GG is equal to 1.00 $. In order to get started on GAIN.GG, all you need to do is sign up. You will be needing a Google mail ID or Steam Login. After signing up/registering, go to the Earn page and here you will find the various offers that the site has in store for you. These offers evince a short description and the number of coins that it will entail for you. Make certain that you understand all the details in the description and then start on the task. Upon completion of the task, you will receive the coins. Usually you get coins within 5 minutes of completing a task but sometimes, under rare circumstances, coin delivery is delayed for 48 hours. 

If your account isn’t completely verified, it may take about 12 hours for the reception of pertinent rewards. That is why it’s recommended that users get their accounts verified prior to starting on GAIN.GG as it entitles them for immediate withdrawals of earned rewards. An account is automatically verified by the staff at GAIN.GG when it completes 10.00 $ or 10,000 coins worth of offers/tasks. The account becomes verified when the aforementioned amount is withdrawn from the account. There is no need for contacting the website for verification status as it’s an automatic process and will be completed in due time. 

GAIN.GG employs a method where it reviews specific offers of high value. This is done in order to counter fraudulent activities and that is why the site reserves the right to hold onto these offers for up to 90 days after their completion. 

Methods for Earning on GAIN.GG

  • Surveys 
    The easiest method through which one can earn rewards on GAIN.GG is by filling out surveys on the site. GAIN.GG offers its users the chance to win big by completing a variety of different paid surveys. These surveys require you to fill out a short survey profile prior to starting. This is done to assess the manner of the survey that should be assigned to the user. These surveys take a short time to fill and one can earn big at the end of completing one of these simple tasks. New users need to earn at least 3000 coins on the offer wall before surveys can be unlocked.  
  • Videos 
    You can watch videos on GAIN.GG to earn rewards as well. The site comes with its own version of the ad-based Videos channel designated as Here, users can earn 8 coins for every 3 videos watched and if you think about it, it’s not a bad way to earn big without much effort. So, the more videos you watch, the more you will end up earning. So, better get busy watching then.
  • Trial Offers 
    There are other ways to earn big on GAIN.GG as well. These include playing games, app downloading, trying out different services online, signing up for websites that are free and much more. While the return rate here is lower as compared to other methods on the site but it’s also true that you derive the most enjoyment from the method. You can access these offers by going on to the Earn wall on GAIN.GG.
  • Referral Program
    On GAIN.GG, you earn money even for referring your family members and friends to this website. The more people that sign up on GAIN.GG through your referral, the greater will be the rate of rewards that you receive from the said endeavor.

Tips for Earning Big with GAIN.GG

The above conventional methods will allow you to gain modestly on GAIN.GG but if you want to earn big on the site, then be sure to follow the following tips:

  1. GAIN.GG Codes
    The first thing that you need to do after you register with GAIN.GG is to like their pages on various social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc. That is because GAIN.GG Administrators frequently upload promotional codes on these social media sites. By entering these codes on the main site, you can earn greater number of coins and rewards and this certainly beats beating around the bush or engaging in the considerably slower normal procedures/methods on GAIN.GG. So, keep an eye out for these promotional codes always if you want to earn big.
  2. Trials 
    There are times when GAIN.GG offers promotional trials or competitions. These challenges require a small fee to enter but in return for this nominal fee, users can end up earning big. So, if you want to earn greater rewards through the site, make sure you keep an eye out for these trials.
  3. Use Your Steam Account 
    There is a reason for which we recommend that you use your Steam Account to sign up with GAIN.GG. That is because if you sign up with Steam and put in your account name, you will receive a 5% bonus on completing all offers/tasks. The best part is, when you watch videos on, you will be able to receive a greater bonus by cashing out 20 points each day.
  4. Get a 100 Coin Sign up Bonus 
    If you want to get an earlier start on the whole coin gathering game on GAIN.GG, you become eligible for receiving a 100 coin sign up bonus. This is a great incentive for newcomers and if they want, they can cash it out without any attached conditions. This is a great way to get an advantage in the whole coin gathering scheme and is an excellent impetus for newcomers to the GPT scene.

Withdrawal System on GAIN.GG

GAIN.GG is a unique site and it is perhaps one of the best GPTs on the internet at present. The method for the withdrawal of rewards on this site is relatively easy and regulated.  As mentioned afore, on GAIN.GG, 1000 coins equal to about 1 USD ($). It is recommended though that as soon as you receive coins, you should check them out. This is a preemptive method as it prevents loss of coins due to unforeseen or unexpected complications that might originate. These might be loss of password by the user or, despite no such report of this happening, sudden loss or deactivation of one’s account. 

Once you have gained points on GAIN.GG, you can cash them out for rewards. However, after completing tasks and cashing them out, one doesn’t immediately receive coins. That is because there is normally a delay of 12 hours prior to the delivery of coins by to a user. This is a precautionary measure by GAIN.GG against fraudulent activities. Before a user can become eligible for immediate withdrawals, he or she must complete offers that amount to 10000 coins on the website. After that, their account is verified by the staff of GAIN.GG after a thorough review. 

This is a valid GPT site and truly rewards its users. Through withdrawals on GAIN.GG, users receive payments on Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. and PayPal as well. But as mentioned before, users need to hold verified accounts to be entitled to receiving instant rewards.  

Gain.GG Pros and Cons

Well like all things in life, even the best sites evince some pros and cons. These can be enumerated as follows:


  • The best thing about GAIN.GG is that it’s totally free and there are no attached/hidden charges for signing up on this site.  
  • There are numerous ways through which one can gain money on GAIN.GG. The tips portion of this review will shed improved light on what those ways are.       
  • Let’s be honest; we play games, browse the net, watch videos and not much else on the internet on a daily basis right? Well, then why not do it on GAIN.GG and earn money at the same time as well.     
  • The customer care on GAIN.GG is simply amazing. They are always there to help and answer your questions. Also, the fact that this site is totally authentic further enhances its appeal.     
  • You are liable to receive many a number of bonuses and extra rewards on this site through numerous methods. You even get a reward for signing up with GAIN.GG.     
  • You can earn decent money on a monthly basis on this site that has millions of users and their number is increasing with each passing day.
  • You can get immediate cashback on a daily basis through GAIN.GG if you have a verified account. And even if you don’t have one, you can still get your reward in only 12 days.     


  • No matter how much you end up earning online with GAIN.GG, it will still not be sufficient to support your cost of living. That is because at the end of the day, the cashback for 1000 coins is equal to a measly $1 and that is literally not enough to support one’s monthly expenditures.     
  • The fact that one needs to complete at least 10000 coins worth of offers on the site before becoming eligible for immediate withdrawals is a bit steep and unfair. The limit should be more adequate and attainable.
  • There are many countries that aren’t included on the coverage list of GAIN.GG. There is a good chance that your country might not be included in GAIN.GG, which is a predicament indeed.    


It can be concluded that GAIN.GG is an awesome step in the right direction when it comes to user activity and engrossment. It’s fun, informative and totally facilitating for its consumers. For those of you who want to do something worthwhile while searching and browsing the web, then GAIN.GG is for you. There are plenty of activities to go around and there is something for everyone as well and the best part is; you get to earn big while completing these tasks. So what if you aren’t able to make a decent living solely on the rewards that you reap from this site….you still get to enjoy yourself and earn modest money while doing it. That is why we highly suggest that you don’t quit your day job prior to getting onto the GAIN.GG scene. Consider it a hobby, one that is lucrative and riveting simultaneously. This site is a great killer for your extra time and you get paid for doing it. Plus, the bonuses and extra rewards make the whole experience even more exciting. 

There really is no harm in experiencing GAIN.GG by one’s own self. This review has been provided to you in great detail about all the pertinent aspects and nuances of the site in question. We hope that this review will allay any apprehensions or misconceptions that you might have about GPTs and GAIN.GG in general so that you won’t hesitate to give it a fair go.  


Allowed Countries


Minimum Age

13 years

Multi Accounts Allowed


Scripts Allowed


Minimum Payout


Payout Options

PayPal , Cryptocurrency

Other Payout Options

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Etherium, OPskins, CSGOShop

Referral bonus

Users earn 5% of their referrals earnings

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