EarnWallet Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 07/27/2020

EarnWallet is a reward website or mobile app for a restaurant that wants to give discounts to their regular customers. This website has a mobile app available for download in Playstore and iOS App Store. It would help their members to manage their rewards and earned "Stamps" when they purchase something in the restaurant. Their members earn points called "Stamps" when they use the gift card inside the app to buy food on a given restaurant like Chipotle, Domino's Pizza, and Panera Bread. Their members must use the prepaid card inside the app to pay at the restaurant to earn rewards. If their members is a student in a university, they must show their ID card to receive discounts, free food, and also drinks. The good thing about EarnWallet is you can also give a tip using your in-app card, and it will deduct to your remaining balance. If their members get 10 Stamps, they can get a $5 reward with any participating merchants available in your city. The reward stamp cards can use to pay for partial or full payment in a restaurant. Only users from the USA and ages above 18 years old can join this reward website or mobile app.

Tips for earning money with EarnWallet

  1. If you want to earn a discount or free food and drinks, you must show your university ID card.
  2. Use the gift card in the app to pay for your food to earn stamps or rewards.
  3. Check the available restaurants before you use the gift cards. So that you can earn rewards after you finish eating.
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Allowed Countries


Minimum Age

18 years

Multi Accounts Allowed


Scripts Allowed


Minimum Payout


Payout Options

Gift Cards

Other Payout Options


Referral bonus


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