Digital Reflection Panel Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 08/28/2020

Digital Reflection Panel is a market research company that wants to understand how people use the internet on their daily life basis. Their partner companies want to know all the details that the people did while they are using their phones, tablets, gaming consoles, computers, and browsing the internet. They want to change or upgrade their product for the future of the consumers. Their members can earn money when they have installed the meter that Digital Reflection gives, and you'll be able to participate in market research that may help to enhance the internet you are using. Once you are now a member of Digital Reflection Panel, you will get or receive rewards for your participation like the first two months of use you'll get $60, If you keep it plugged in, you'll receive a further $10/month, first device update you can get $25.00, and you will get a $5 monthly rewards. Their members can claim their awards once they get the minimum payout, which is $50, and they can transfer it via Paypal, credit cards, or Charity donations.

Tips for earning money with Digital Reflection Panel

  1. Make sure you register all your devices, like phone, tv, computer, for you to earn more rewards.
  2. These are all the amounts you can receive. Initial meter installation: $25.00, Extra speed bonus: $25.00, First 2 months of use: $60, If you keep it plugged in, you'll receive a further $10/month, First device update: $25.00, Possible subsequent monthly rewards: $5.00, and surveys that can give you lesser prizes.
  3. You can potentially earn more than $200 during your first year with the program.  
Digital Reflection Panel

Allowed Countries


Minimum Age

21 years

Multi Accounts Allowed


Scripts Allowed


Minimum Payout


Payout Options

PayPal , Prepaid Credit Card

Other Payout Options

Charity Donations

Referral bonus


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