App Karma Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 12/02/2019

The internet is a wondrous thing. We can spend literally hours of the day away while surfing on this web. The possibilities are endless here. One can pursue his or her penchant for knowledge, music, games and much more on the Internet. However, the most effectual and worthwhile pursuit that one can indulge in on the internet is monetary gain. Did you know that there are certain sites and apps that you can use for gaining cash on the internet? These Get Paid To, or GPT, sites offer their users the chance to win rewards and cash. All through the simple act of completing certain offers, playing games, etc. That is why the appeal of these sites and apps has increased many folds during a brief period of time.

AppKarma is one such app that promises its users rewards of the monetary sort for completing offers and tasks that it evinces. It turns your mobile into a decent tool for making adequate amounts of cash in little time and through little effort. If you are intrigued by the concept and want to learn more about it then allow us to enlighten you. Check out our in-depth review of AppKarma and decide for yourself if it is the app for you when it comes to making some extra money on the internet.

What is AppKarma?

AppKarma is an application that can be installed on your phone and is available on all major app stores. This app promises to reward its users with money/cash through the simple process of completing certain tasks and offers. One of these offers includes downloading apps from various providers. This app is quite straightforward in its operation and there isn’t any complexity involved. Like all apps of the sort, AppKarma too comes with its own fair share of strengths and weaknesses. However, we will get into that later.

AppKarma is well known within the category of sites and apps that allow users to earn extra cash for offer completion. In fact, in the short 5 years during which it’s been functional. AppKarma has gained a following that is tremendous and huge in numbers. Up till now, more than 5 million users have downloaded AppKarma. Hence, placing it in a prominent position within the class of money-making apps. This appeal can be further enhanced by the fact that this app has received an average review score of 4.7/5 on Google Play Store. That is pretty impressive indeed and is exactly why the number of followers associated with AppKarma is increasing with each passing day.

Is AppKarma Authentic?

As we already mentioned above, AppKarma is one of the highest-rated and reviewed apps on the app stores. It has got more than 5 million users to its name and this figure is elevating with each passing day. Combine this with the fact that the internet is filled with reviews and opinions of numerous satisfied users that have withdrawn cash effectively from AppKarma and you can guess what our answer will be. The answer, of course, is “Yes”, AppKarma is indeed a legit app that conveniently and scrupulously provides its users with the cash that they have earned on it. So, dive into the AppKarma experience undeterred and dispel your apprehensions regarding its legitimacy.

AppKarma and Security:

AppKarma is the most secure and safe app. Unlike other apps where security breach and information leakage is a major issue, AppKarma has, on the other hand, tried to imbue within its context a sense of security and safety unlike any other. Users can log onto this app and share their data without any misgivings since AppKarma takes the factor of client safety very seriously. The data and personal information that users input in this app are kept confidential and in order to prevent any inadvertent or deliberate leakage of this information, substantial steps are taken.

The servers of the app and their pertinent website have been updated with the most advanced and updated security measures. So, to answer the question of whether if “AppKarma is safe or not” then the answer is Yes, the app is totally safe for usage. The staff associated with maintaining security at AppKarma is competent and knows what they are doing.

How AppKarma Works:

The concept of AppKarma is quite simple and similar to that of the other apps and sites that offer cash rewards to its users. The concept is linear and understandable; you complete certain tasks and offers like downloading apps for instance and in return for this completion, you get points. Once a certain number of points are accrued, then you become eligible for withdrawing a commensurate sum of money from the app. Or, users can opt to receive gift cards instead. These gift cards can be used on Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Walmart, etc. For cash withdrawal, users can request payment on their PayPal account for convenient and easy payment. The point is this, the method of operation is quite simple and common to other apps of this category so there will be no ambivalence or confusion over the prospect of utilizing AppKarma.

Methods for Earning on AppKarma:

There are numerous methods through which one can earn cash on AppKarma. These methods will certainly go a long way towards ensuring that users acquire the adequate and satisfying amount of cash from this App. So, without further ado, let’s dive into these methods for your convenience and enlightenment:

  1. Karma Plays: The Karma Plays option is the first and most basic method there is an AppKarma app for earning cash. This is the most obvious and simple method for making money on this app and doesn’t require much deliberation or exertion. This is a normal method and is quite congruent with the ones on other GPTs or money-making apps. In this method, you will have to first install AppKarma, of course, and then move on to the Karma Plays tab. Once you arrive here, you will direct towards the app downloading page. Now all you have to do is to download certain apps and operate them for a while. The earning chances vary from app to app and are also affected by the adjoining requirements as well. Once you have downloaded the app and completed its introduction portion then you will have fulfilled the requirements. Now you will receive the points that you were to get for completing the said task and the payout of these tasks usually ranges from 50 to 15000 points, but of course, you will have to complete more steps for the higher payouts.
  2. Referral Program: This is an effective yet common method that can be found in almost all GPT sites and apps. This technique allows you to earn cash on a passive level. To do this, all you need to do is send invitations to your family members, friends, colleagues and peers for signing up on AppKarma. Once they sign up on the app through your invitation, they become your referral. Now, any cash that your referrals earn, you get 30% of their earnings as commission. Now the best part about AppKarma is that you will get this commission for life and there isn’t any limit or set time period for this commission. For instance, you will be liable to receive 300 points from the 1000 points earned by a referral of yours. Another great fact about AppKarma’s referring system is that there isn’t any limit on the number of referrals that a person can have. So, the greater the number of referrals that you have, the greater will be your payout. Also, there is a VIP program as well, where users can receive up to 50% of the earnings made by their referrals as commission. In this way, AppKarma greatly motivates its users to send out more and more invitations and endeavor to fish in more and more contacts to the app in question.

AppKarma Achievement Badges:

There is another unique method through which you can earn cash and other rewards through AppKarma. This is a unique rewarding system that those who are loyal and steadfast supporters of this app can best tap and utilize. This loyalty system can allow users to earn achievement badges after the completion of certain tasks. You can also acquire these achievement badges by attaining a certain level within the app. It’s sort of like the Trophy system on the PlayStation Network where you earn achievements for reaching a certain level or point in a game. However, the achievement badges that you receive in AppKarma evince more lucrative rewards.

Once you have completed a task or attained a level, you will receive the points for them and these points will then add to your account. You can also acquire these achievement badges by signing on to various Social media accounts through AppKarma as well. So, the more you earn and the more time you spend on this app, the more achievement badges you will end up securing and this spells greater rewards as well. 

How Withdrawal works on Appkarma:

AppKarma is a rewards app, meaning that it rewards and allows users to earn cash. You have to carry out a simple act of completing certain tasks and offers. The nature and amount of the rewards that one can receive on the app varies from task to task. Also, it requires various levels of trial and indulgence. The functionality of AppKarma’s withdrawal system is much regulated and linear. And it’s quite similar to the withdrawal system found in other such apps. When you complete an offer on AppKarma, be it downloading an app or play a game, etc. you receive points. These points are the currency through which you will be able to receive rewards and cash of the literal/real sort.

On AppKarma, 6000 points are equal to $5 USD. Once you have acquired 6000 points, you can then request a withdrawal from AppKarma. It is important to point out here that users can attain a different number of points for completing different tasks/offers. Each task and offer is different, with the simplest requiring a download and playing through the intro while the ones that yield greater coins require even more steps. It’s up to the user to decide the one offer that he or she can attempt. And one that is in accordance with his/her preference.

Users can gain coins through the referral method as well and for the simple prospect of signing up on the app and signing up on other social media sites can also yield points for users. The greater the number of points one acquires, the greater will be the level of rewards that can be garnered.

Cash or Reward Cards:

AppKarma gives users the option to either collect their rewards in the form of cash or Reward cards as well. You can redeem these cards on a number of prominent retailers. These include Walmart, Target, Amazon, Starbucks, etc. for incredible deals. Or, if a user wants, he or she can request a withdrawal from AppKarma in the form of cash. The balance of the sum AppKarma owes to the user can transfer conveniently to his/her PayPal account.

AppKarma covers numerous geographical regions and affords its users the chance to withdraw in the currency that is applicable to their respective regions as well. Users would be wise to hold out on withdrawing their rewards on the minimum level. They should let their points accumulate and once you accrue a substantial number of points. Then and only then should they request a withdrawal. That is because, on AppKarma, larger rewards require lesser points. For example, a $5 gift card costs 6000 points but you require 11000 points for a $10 gift card. So, it is better to hold off when it comes to cashing out points on AppKarma.

Pros and Cons of Appkarma:

As mentioned afore, AppKarma comes with its own fair share of Pros. But that doesn’t mean it’s free from cons either. The pros and cons evinced by this app can be elucidated for your knowledge as following:


  • It is a terrific app and allows you to earn cash through the simple aspect of using your mobile phone. Either way, we spend much of our day surfing the internet and usually on our phones. Why not turn this time into profit? AppKarma allows for the realization of this concept. So that users may gain from their mobile phones in a profitable manner.
  • The Referral program of AppKarma is perhaps one of the, if not the, best ones currently in operation within the world of GPT sites and likewise apps. It is a great system that gives a whopping 30% commission on all earnings made by a user’s referrals. Also, there is no cap on the number of referrals that one can have to his or her name. The level of commission raises up to 50% by signing on with the VIP program. This further accentuates the appeal of this program. The Achievement badge system ensures that users will remain on this app for a long time. Also, the promise of getting rewards for the simple act of signing up and signing in to other social media accounts through one’s AppKarma account can also allow them to reap great rewards as well.


  • A bit time-consuming. That is because the many offers available on AppKarma involve downloading apps and then sitting through the tutorial, and this is the simplest requirement. The requirements and time consumed by each task vary with the number of points that it can yield. This becomes increasingly time-consuming and monotonous for many users.
  • The earning potential in AppKarma, like other GPT sites and apps of the sort, is very low. A person can’t solely depend on AppKarma and the rewards that he earns through the latter to subsist. That is because no matter how many points one may accrue, it will still not be sufficient to survive in today’s inflation and high cost/expenditure environment. There are many offers on AppKarma that require investments. For instance, if there is an offer and it promises to reward you with 15000 points. You will first have to invest $10. This is open and blatant fraudulence. Therefore, this duplicity can turn off many a number of users from ever using AppKarma again.


App Karma
android play store logo ios store logo

Allowed Countries


Minimum Age

13 years

Multi Accounts Allowed


Scripts Allowed


Minimum Payout


Payout Options

PayPal , Gift Cards

Gift Card Options


New user bonus

300 Karma

Referral bonus

30% of Referral's Earning

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