App Down Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 12/02/2019

There has been a time in almost all our lives when we have tried looking for easy ways, which can help make us money. However, too often we end up being disappointed because of the number of frauds out there. This review is about an application that is specifically for those people who are looking or easy and legit ways to make money from home. It will tell you all that you need to know about the AppDown, an application on your smartphone that can help you earn for downloading apps and playing games. It sounds unbelievable but all your skepticism about its legitimacy, payments, and cashback will be answered along with tips for using the app. Let us start with what it really is.

What is AppDown?

AppDown, owned by Tylcham studios, is a rewards app that pays you for accomplishing small tasks of installing other apps and games. It requires you to play the games or use the apps for a while and once you fulfill the required time, you receive points for your efforts. The points are then converted into gift cards, Facebook and Skype credits or even cash. 

However, there are other ways of earning through AppDown such as taking surveys, watching videos or signing up for offers. All you need to do is download the app on the Google Play Store or download it from the website and register as a new user for free. Before downloading the app, they make you use the website first and then show you what you are required to do. Only if you like what you see you download the app, otherwise you do not even have to waste your time.  

Moreover, they also have a referral system that can help make additional points. Not only that, but AppDown is available in over 100 countries. Furthermore, it can only be used on a mobile, and cannot be used on a laptop or computer. Another limit that it imposes is that the users should be of at least 13 years of age or older to register. 

Is AppDown Legit?

AppDown technically is a legit app however; its terms of service indicate that it does not guarantee payments. This should be kept in mind before downloading the app. Besides that, it is completely legitimate and has many reviews on the app stores in addition to a 4 out of 5 ratings on Google Play store. Moreover, the website is valued at almost $730 and it has been around for years and has a known reputation. 

Is AppDown safe?

Even though AppDown reviews are found on multiple sites such as MyWot and Siteadvisor and are deemed safe, but it does have many negative reviews as well. For this reason, its reputation has been compromised. The rating also indicates that it is safe to install and leave your personal data on. However, due to AppDown’s reputation, the site might have decreased traffic and search engine rankings. That being said, there are also positive reviews that also show proof of payment, thus it probably depends on the user to user. 

How does AppDown work?
AppDown is a very simple and easy to use platform where the following steps are required to get started:

  1. The first step is to visit the and sign up using Facebook or email account. After that, you are given a choice to download the app from either Apple and Android stores.
  2. You will then be redirected to a page where you download apps. You can choose to download them based on the points you will earn from each. The points are different for downloading, opening, and using the apps. Likewise, each app has a different payoff. One will give 30 points, another 60, etc. 
  3. The points can then be redeemed for cash or gift cards as soon as you reach a certain payment limit. The cash is sent via PayPal, where $1 is equivalent to 300 points, $2 for 600 and so on. Similarly, a $2 Amazon gift card is worth 600 points. You can also convert them to the iTunes gift card, where a $10 gift card is equivalent to 3210 points. Google Play can also be an option where you can get the paid apps for free, and other gift cards from Steam Wallet, Spotify, GTA, PSN, Xbox, Amazon, and eBay. Essentially the rewards are different from each as the value of each is different. 

How do you earn on AppDown?

You can earn points from the following ways on AppDown:

  1. Installing Apps and Games
    The games and apps are offered based on your country of residence. The free signup offers to pay only a few cents, the more paying ones (usually $10 or more), require you to make a deposit first. Apps are listed from highest paying to lowest, to offer more convenience to the users.

  2. Taking surveys
    AppDown provides surveys from 2 providers, namely, Pollfish and Peanut labs. One survey is about 10 to 20 minutes long and can help you earn points worth $2. Taking a survey on AppDown Is pretty similar to taking one on GPT sites. Before taking a survey you have to answer a few questions for them to ensure a good match. However, one can be disqualified from a survey if you are not a good match, so people tend to avoid taking these. Moreover, unlike GPT sites, Appdown does not offer a bonus if you get disqualified.
  3. Watching Videos
    Watching videos helps you earn a stand of 5 points per video. The videos are mostly advertisements. The good thing about this is that a new window will not open but instead the video will pop up on the browser immediately. Moreover, this is a way of earning passively, where your active involvement is not necessary. You can be working while you play the videos on your phone, while on mute.
  4. Referral Program
    AppDown generates a signup code for you to refer to someone, i.e. invite them to join AppDown. If the person signs up using your code, then you are entitled to 25% of all the points that the person earns. This is also one of the passive ways to earn on AppDown. It requires no effort on your part. In addition, the referral commission can be bumped up to 50%, but it requires you to pay £12.99 to upgrade.  This is usually recommended for bloggers who have a great following and can eventually help recover your investment. Additionally, if you have a Youtube channel, are a blogger, or have a great following on Instagram or Twitter, then you can email and they give a 50% reward from those that join from your link.

How Cashback works on AppDown: 

The payment options often times are different for the countries. By clicking on the top right corner, you can redeem the points after selecting your country. However, if your country is not on the list you select the “Worldwide” option.

Mostly, the minimum payout limit varies with the payment method. Generally, though, payments are made when a minimum of $15 is made. $1 is worth 300 points, and it can be redeemed via PayPal for cash or via gift cards. Moreover, points can also be converted to iTunes gift cards, ($10 gift card is equivalent to 3210 points). Google Play is an option too as you can get the paid apps for free, and other gift cards from Steam Wallet, GTA Shark Cards, PSN, Spotify, Xbox, G2A, Zynga, oBucks, Amazon, and eBay.

AppDown Pros and Cons:


  • It is a legit company, so it can be trusted
  • Gift cards are available for many stores, so instead of cashing out, you can get redeemed in the form of the gift cards of the stores
  • Very simple to use
  • Unlike many other apps and websites of this type, many do not allow PayPal as an option to be paid from. However, AppDown lets you redeem your points in the form of cash via PayPal
  • There are more ways of earning other than just installing and using apps
  • You can multitask as long as your mobile is connected to the internet 
  • They provide support for the users and also have an FAQ section. If your query is not in the FAQ section, then you can email them and they will get back to you
  • It is available in almost 100 countries, which is great because most of these sites mostly just allow local users 
  • Cons:

  • It pays really little, $20 gift cards are almost impossible to achieve from installing just the apps
  • It has too many ads, which can come off as quite annoying
  • Their Facebook page has been inactive for a while
  • High point requirement for each redeemable reward
  • They often run out of the gift cards that they offer
  • Cash-out rate is very low
  • Does not give a new user bonus
  • A lot of negative reviews about them not paying them and even accounts being deactivated by them
  • Cannot use it on your computer or laptop
  • Installing so many apps can use up your storage space and slow down your phone
  • Does not give a new user bonus
  • A lot of negative reviews about them not paying them and even accounts being deactivated by them
  • Cannot use it on your computer or laptop
  • Installing so many apps can use up your storage space and slow down your phone


In short, this app can help you earn around $10 every month if you are regular. Then again there is still a risk of not getting paid, so one must proceed with caution. Many people gave it a low rating as they were unable to cash out. Moreover, the opportunities to make money are low as they have not partnered with many survey providers. In addition, one must also calculate the number of dollars you will receive after converting the points. 

Although ideally, AppDown is for people who like exploring new apps as this would be a good opportunity to get paid for doing what you like. However, it should not be relied on for monthly income to pay off bills. It should only be seen as a way of getting some gifts. Overall it is an okay app that can help make you some pocket money. However, there are very limited ways for you to earn. One should only use this app if they already have a major source of income and are good at multi-tasking such as when waiting in a line, traveling, etc. 

So, in the end, you should try it and see if you think it is worth your effort. There is no harm in trying it, considering it is free to sign up. 


App Down
android play store logo ios store logo

Allowed Countries


Minimum Age

13 years

Multi Accounts Allowed


Scripts Allowed


Minimum Payout


Payout Options

PayPal , Gift Cards

Referral bonus

50% of Referral Earnings

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