App Bounty Review: How to earn fast

Last updated: 01/01/2020

The internet is a marvelous thing. It can engross one within its rhythms to such a profound level that he or she forgets about anything else. We manage to learn about quite many things on the internet. Be it about our hobbies, our studies or our trade, the internet has it all. You can go on to the internet to learn about almost anything. It may be about cooking, driving, dating, writing, research, gardening, home maintenance, cars, etc. The internet has something to offer for everyone. Many users have also converted the internet into a source of steady income for themselves. There are many sites and apps on the internet that are concerned with doing just that. These sites are called Get Paid to sites and the apps are called Reward Apps.

Basically, they pay their users’ decent cash in return for attempting and completing certain tasks and offers. These tasks and offers differ in nature and form. They may involve filling out a survey, downloading games, downloading certain apps or merely trying out a website. The users are paid to complete these tasks and everyone wins. But sometimes things are a bit more complicated. Sometimes users have to contend with fraudulent websites and apps that steal their time and money and give them nothing in return. That is why it pays to be careful when it comes to GPT sites or Reward apps. We are discussing AppBounty today. It too is a reward app and you should read on if you are interested in its legitimacy and worth: 

What is AppBounty?

AppBounty is a rewards app. It is an app that people can use who are interested in turning their mobiles into lucrative reward making tools. You can do many things when you download this app. For instance, you get the chance to download certain apps. You receive points for downloading these apps and you can then exchange these points to earn real-life rewards. Sounds pretty terrific right? Well, the scope for earning is very large here and there are numerous means available for doing so. You can also download games, watch videos, fill out surveys, sign up for other websites, etc. AppBounty will remunerate you for completing these tasks.

This proves that this is a Rewards app and functions in a manner that is akin to Swagbucks, AppKarma, and the other such GPT sites or reward apps. You can join in on the AppBounty scene free of any additional charge. All you need to do is go to your pertinent app store. This app is available on all major app stores, like the Google Play store. iOS users will have to go to the App’s site page and download it from there. If you are on Android then once logging into your account you need to go to your app store. Search for AppBounty and then download it. You can then start getting in on the fun after you have completed signing up with the App. It is that simple. Sounds pretty cool and in working it is pretty amazing as well. 

Is AppBounty Legit?

AppBounty is a rewards site and has been in operation for quite a while now. It has gathered a large number of followers to its name up till now and this number seems to be distending with each passing day. AppBounty is an app that allows users to receive rewards in exchange for completing various tasks and offers. These include games, surveys, trials, etc. The internet is full of users who proclaim satisfaction with the app in their glowing reviews. There are no clues so far pertaining to AppBounty being a scam. That is why you should not be dissuaded by any misconceptions that you might have in regards to this app being genuine or not. Let your ambivalence rest and get on the AppBounty experience.

AppBounty and Security

AppBounty takes the prospect of client security very seriously. The app and its servers have a creation that ensures the retention of personal data. Users can fill out their personal information on the app without any trepidation or unease. That is because the staff responsible for running AppBounty has taken substantial steps to ensure that this data remains secret and well-guarded. The data that you input for filling out surveys and other such tasks is used just for that purpose. The security of this data is treated as a matter of highest priority and kept under wraps. This data is then sequestered behind well-maintained firewalls to prevent theft or leakage. That is why AppBounty has managed to distinguish itself from other less competent apps where information breaching is frequent.

So, put your doubts to rest if you were doubtful about this app in regards to security measures. It has you covered on that front many times over and will be vigilant always. 

How AppBounty works

AppBounty is a rewards app and its functioning is pretty straightforward and linear. All users need to do first is to open up their mobiles. Then you should go to the app store that is applicable to your mobile platform. Go to the Play Store if you are on Android. Go to the app’s site and download it from there if you are using iOS /iPhone. Search for AppBounty in the search bar and download it onto your mobile. Open up the app once its installs and then you can register as a user. You can then take part in all of the offers and tasks that are available on the app. You will receive points for completing the tasks and offers and these will be your virtual currency. After this, you can exchange this currency for real-life rewards like Amazon gift cards, prepaid balance cards, etc.

This operation is common to the ones found on other reward apps and GPT sites. This is a good thing as users won’t have to learn any new or confusing techniques to get the hang of AppBounty properly. They can start earning as soon as they download and register on the app which is convenient and facilitating simultaneously. 

Methods for Earning on AppBounty

There are many methods for earning significant amounts of rewards on AppBounty. Following is the elaboration of these methods for your enlightenment:

Downloading Apps

The first method through which you can start earning on AppBounty is by downloading apps. AppBounty rewards users with credits for downloading certain apps that are available. These credits can then be exchanged for acquiring gift cards. The only thing that you need to do is click on the download button and the app concerned will be downloaded. Now there are certain conditions associated with each ap. You will have to open these apps at least once to become eligible for receiving credits related to it. Other apps you might have to keep on your phone for even more days.

You may even have to open some apps more than once. You may even have to use some for a specific period of time. The point is, you will have to fulfill the conditions related to each app in order to receive its promised rewards. This sends a signal to the developer that you have used their app in accordance with the stipulation mentioned. Then your credits will be transferred to your account. You can exchange these credits for rewards once you have accrued a sufficient number of points.

Referring to Friends and Family Members

There is another excellent method for gaining rewards and points on AppBounty. This method is the one related to referring friends and family members to AppBounty.  You can send invites to your friends, family members and even colleagues for joining up on AppBounty. It will be mutually beneficial and entail salubrious ramifications for you and your referrals. All you need to do in order to invite friends is to go to the invite section on your account tab. Here you can choose the friends and colleagues that you have access to on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and even their respective emails. You can send the invites after you have made the desired selections in the friends to whom you wish to send them to.

Your referral will need to follow the specific invitation link that you sent them in order to sign up with AppBounty. You can also send them an invite code to sign up on AppBounty. You will be liable to receive credits either way. All that matters is that the receiver accepts your invite. Your referrals will then need to register on AppBounty and initiate an account. They will also need to engage in at least 2 tasks before you can receive the promised reward for referring them to AppBounty. You will receive 250 credits for every friend that you bring over to AppBounty. Your friend too will receive 50 credits as a startup bonus as a result of accepting your invitation. It can take up to 24 hours for you to receive your reward but that is all right.

Completing Task Offers/Targets

This is another excellent means for attaining credits on AppBounty. Here, you will have to complete certain targets and complete certain tasks offers. The name of this category changes from platform to platform and is predicated upon whether if you are using Android or iOS-enabled devices. On the latter, this category is called tasks. It is called Targets on Android devices. So, whatever the name may be the purpose is the same. You will find a list of various tasks and offers to complete in this section of AppBounty. You will receive rewards and credits for completing these tasks and the rewards differ from offer to offer and task to task. The tasks that are included in this category are as mentioned as follows:

Tasks Details

  1. You can download a game from this section. 
  2. Then, you will need to play this game up to a special point. You will then reach this point after you have reached the aforementioned point. Also, you must make sure that you hadn’t downloaded a similar game in the apps section. You won’t receive the reward if you had downloaded it in the apps section.
  3. You can also watch videos or receiving credits. This is a slow but easy way to gain rewards as all you need to do is watch ad videos. You will receive the promised reward after the video watching has been completed.
  4. Get credits for signing up for specific services and using authentic information for doing so. This is also a simple offer and requires little effort.

  5. Fill out surveys to receive rewards in this category. You will be helping researchers and companies better understand the consumer mindset by completing these surveys. These surveys can take anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes to complete. The type of survey is determined by the region from which the user is using this app.

  6. You also get the chance to purchase something from a retailer in this category. You can get your hands on numerous attractive offers and bargain filled vouchers in this way.

  7. There are also some other miscellaneous tasks like trying out a website, committing to a trial, and many others that don’t quite fit into the aforementioned classes.

How does AppBounty Pay

The procedure involved in AppBounty’s payment plan is quite simple and akin t what you might find in any other Reward App or GPT site. The first thing that you need to do is download the app onto your mobile. You can start earning once it has been installed. What you have to do now is to complete any of the offers that are present on the site. Say you get the option of playing a game. There will be a certain number of credits attached to this game. These credits act as the virtual currency of AppBounty. You will receive the credits once you have played the game up to the specified time or conditions. After that, you can exchange these credits for gift cards.

You will need to gather about 2700 credits if you want to withdraw $5 from AppBounty and 5000 credits for $10. The equivalence of credits to a dollar is a bit weird but it works. If you thought that you will need a PayPal account to receive these earnings then don’t bother. This site pays you in gift cards and nothing else and it can take up to 3 days for the transfer to be completed. You also get the opportunity to opt for a variety of reward cards instead of Cash. These include Netflix Gift cards, Amazon Gift cards, Minecraft Gift cards, and many others. So, the ultimate choice is up to the user.


Pros and Cons of AppBounty

AppBounty too contains its fair share of Pros and Cons as is the case with any other rewards app or GPT site. These pros and cons have been mentioned in detail as follows for your awareness and information:


  • It is a most trusted application and has acquired the patronage of more than 10 million users worldwide.

  • AppBounty is a legitimate rewards app. So far it has paid about $1 Million dollars to its users in exchange for completing the inherent tasks and offers.   

  • It is very simple to download this app and start earning through the convenient channel of your mobile phone.

  • The platform is very much efficient and requires only 5 minutes to set up on an average level.   

  • There are numerous gift cards to choose from as rewards for your efforts.

  • AppBounty contains a myriad of means and sources for earning credits. All of these methods are good and effectual.



  • This app possesses no rating from the Better Business Bureau and doesn’t have any accreditation either.

  • The customer service provided by AppBounty is poor and very inefficient. This will be a huge turn off for many users.

  • There have been instances where users didn’t receive their payments at all.  

  • The app is prone to crashing and contains several breaking glitches as well.

  • The fact that this app pays off users in Gift cards instead of Cash is also a bit strange and might result in resentment from many users.

  • The potential for earning credits from some app downloads is very low. It means that users will have to exert themselves on a monotonous and repetitive level to acquire sufficient credits for a reward. This is a bit disconcerting and might be frowned upon by many users.

App Bounty
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Allowed Countries


Minimum Age

18 years

Multi Accounts Allowed


Scripts Allowed


Minimum Payout


Payout Options

Gift Cards

Gift Card Options

Amazon, Google Play

Referral bonus

250 Points

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